Mum there is a Ghost out side by Alfie Johnson 6jr

“Mum mum” said dan “There’s a Ghost in the back yard”  “I bet ” called mum   Dan was upset if mum din’t  believe me I would have to cach that Ghost by my self . He when to go out the back when he  saw a bunch of Ghost catchers in his back yard. He ran over to help but the Ghost  let a breath of his Ghostly breath……




A Day in the sunshine by Jamie Lloyd

Green, sweet grass swayed swiftly as the breeze whistled by. Hills stood triumphantly on the horizon. Flowers blossomed in the sunlight. The torquiouse butterfly flitted from flower to flower, bees buzzed in swarms. Sun rays beamed down, making flowers explode in beautiful colours. Clouds caved in forming the glowing sun to disappear. Birds tweeted creating music in the flower beds.

Year 6 by Jaime-Leigh Boyce

I can’t believe what an amazing year 6 I have had. When I first started year 6 I was very nervous and I didn’t want to leave year 5. I was scared about SATS and jetting my new teachers. I started Knowle Park in year 4 and so maybe I would still get peoples names wrong. However this wasn’t all sun and flowers for all  I knew my most embarrassing moment was about an inch away. I was in  the playground with my best friend Shauna, when she hooked my arms behind my back. Tugging to get out of her trap I moved my foot back, but when I did so her foot went fo war we stumbled over in a heap. Camp. I loved it. My first camp. I did loads. I was in a dorm with Niamh, Jodie and Emily May Buck. We only had to teachers in our house kind of thing. Miss Morse and Jane dolin. Brilliant. SATS. Wow I mentioned this earlier but it was so nerve racking. But I did it yippeeeee. Now this is my last 6 weeks here. Will u miss me? I will miss you. I have loved my time here. Let me just say year 5s don’t be scared to go to year 6 it is amazing. Goodbye year 6. I’ll miss Knowle Park.

Why the ruler sword is cool? By Jay Bray

As any young spy, there is many of  curious gadgets you might need to fight  of evil.I garented , you that the ruler sword is the on going gadget to be known.Despite,all the roomers that the teenagers are spreading about the ruler sword,the ruler sword still helps you trombone getting hurt .

If you find ,a person being bullied don’t get involved because the ruler he has in  his pocket isn’t normal it’s the ruler sword that only spies use only.The rulers word,is the most dangerous thing when it comes to bullying.Warning,if not taken care of it will hurt an innocent person.

This is a really useful gadget, when. It comes to bullying,fighting and arguments.Also,it helps you with trouble out side of school and. Inside.Additionally,it also helps you when feared animals try to bite you.furthermore, even when your lost.

This is why, the ruler sword is capable to prevent you or your chid from being  a loner or have no friends in school.So hurry and sign on to be a secret undercover spy and in know time you will have the ruler sword.

Knowle Park Primary School memories by Emily fido

Wow ! Year 6 has been epic . I v loved having the big responsibility . I am going to miss my amazing teacher miss Roberts and all my friends . I will remember all the things I have done in the past years . Barton camp ( year 6 ) Victorian day ,  longleat and suger loafs mountain ( year 5 ) and joining KPPS in year 4. I will miss the school but I am glad I’m moving on to secondary school. 

. I love 5 seconds of summer

. I like football and other sports

All My Great Excuses – By Faryha

I started on my homework,
but my pen ran out of ink.
My hamster ate my homework.
My computer’s on the blink.

I accidentally dropped it,
in the soup my mum was cooking.
My brother flushed it down the toilet,
when I wasn’t looking.

My mother ran my homework,
through the washer and the dryer.
An aeroplane crashed into our house.
My homework caught on fire.

Tornadoes blew my notes away.
Volcanoes struck our town.
My notes were taken hostage,
by an evil killer clown.

Some aliens abducted me.
I had a shark attack.
A pirate swiped my homework,
and refused to give it back.

I worked on these excuses,
so darned long my teacher said,
“I think you’ll find it’s easier
to do the work instead.”

Enderman MineCraft by Uzair

So innocent, yet sinister
Feared through all MC
The thought of you makes my brain blister
Blocks missing is what i see.

A gaze into your unforgiving eyes
You’re gone in a flash
The way your horrible cries
Are gone when heard a splash

Plenty players try
Taking the pearl of the ender
The lucky one shant die
Keeping his life is preferred

One pearl of ender and powder of blaze,
A single ender eye, he retains
Stopped by the enderman’s gaze

By an enderman, he is slain.

The Lipstick Laser – By Alicia Leader

As an amateur spy there are many different gadgets that you might request to complete missions perfectly.Such as phones that shoot out lasers and glasses that recorded , take a picture and shoot up to five miles.Regardless of  its unremarkable appearance , the lipstick laser is great for having the safest spy trip ever! So what can this small gadget do?

If this product is opened and put on your lips, than don’t worry , it is completely harmless to its owner. However, if it is in touch with a stranger , it is another story. Additionally , the red stick contains a highly dangerous acid created by MI6 scientists . MI5  AR states that the lipstick laser is the best gadget you can get.

This really practical gadget is ideal for agents in threatened areas . Furthermore , it works not only quietly, but without bad smells so it won’t cause suspicion if an enemy finds it.  This means that they won’t realise it until the damage is done.

That is why the lipstick laser is the best.

The Core of Memories by Uzair

The core lay rotten in the deep  damp grass.                                                                Ants crawled over his edges, he was surrounded.                                                                  Soon this apple will be nothing.

He was torn to pieces this way.                                                                                                       He bit into his past and dreamed back…

Back to when there was a man,  grasping him titly  in his hand.                                                 His arm raising  towards his razor sharp teeth,                                                           Soon this would be the end of him.

He was torn to pieces this way .                                                                                       He bit into his past and dreamed back.

Back to when  he lay in the smooth, warm, picnic basket.                                        Amongst his other friends, waiting to be picked                                                                  He was helpless.

He was torn to pieces this way.                                                                                                         He bit into his past and dreamed back.

Back to when he was in a fruit bowl.                                                                               With his  family  just waiting to be separated .                                                             A week they were in there!

He was torn to pieces this way .                                                                                       He bit into his past and dreamed back.

Back to when he was on the end of a branch.                                                               The tree  his warmth, his home.                                                                                           This was his FREEDOM.

He had a new life here.                                                                                                                 He bit in and tried to stay in the core!


The Fire by Holly

Rushing to the window ,  she snatched a breath of fresh air whilst smoke was filling up the dark and gloomy room . Screaming for help , Phoebe looked down  at the fireman , who had just arrived , and wished for help . Shocked , the air was thining and she could barely breath , the sirens were getting louder so there was no point in shouting anymore . Dozens of fire trucks surrounded the burning building as hundreds of firemen were trying to hose down the huge fire .